While many fat burners can be an effective supplement to take while losing weight, the problem with most of them is that they need to be carefully adjusted for your height, weight, and body fat percentage for the supplement to work effectively. And since the manufacturers will often leave that up to the users to work out with an average dosage suggested that cannot be universally effective, it’s more common than most might realize for their fat burners to not work as effectively as they could be doing. 

Even more worrying is the fact that not all fat burner supplement products are going to be safe and effective to use, making them potentially harmful should you unknowingly overdose. But even when a fat burner is made with all-natural ingredients and is safe to use, there’s another factor that’s important for women in particular to consider. Under normal circumstances, the female body does not typically need as much of any nutritional supplement compared to males, but without clear instructions, many women will often end up taking too much of a supplement than is needed to see good results quickly. 

Since Leanbean is a popular supplement that is well-known for being an excellent fat burner designed for women in particular, we’ve reviewed this supplement after various tests and going through several user reviews. 

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a proven, 100% natural-ingredient fat burning supplement that is designed for women. Each pill contains the right amount of nutrients that are needed for the average woman to actively lose weight by burning more calories. We tested out Leanbean’s ingredients to learn more about the individual and collective effect that they have on the female metabolism. This was an important step since many women end up wasting money on supplements that contain too much of certain ingredients that their body would not be able to fully utilize. 

Aside from waste, it’s also important to consider the health impacts of taking too much of certain ingredients. Even necessary nutrients such as zinc, garcinia cambogia, piperine, raspberry ketones, acai berry and caffeine can lead to unpleasant side effects if they are consumed in larger quantities than needed. Some possible side effects include insomnia, headaches, overstimulation and digestive problems which can vary depending on the dose and the individual user. 

The good news is that our test results confirm that Leanbean’s ingredients do not contain a combination that should have any of these side effects on women except for in some exceptional cases. It is safe for women to use without the need to worry about overdosing on any of the ingredients. These findings are in line with the mostly favorable reviews of Leanbean that we found from real users, with very few complaints regarding side-effects. 

What Ingredients are Used in Leanbean?

All of the ingredients that are used in Leanbean pills are listed on both their website and on the packaging. Here is some more information on each ingredient and what they are used for. 

  • Garcinia Cambogia: This ingredient comes from an exotic fruit commonly known as brindleberry. It is found mostly in India, Indonesia, and some parts of Africa and can suppress hunger pangs and cravings, making it useful for aiding weight loss.
  • Piperine: This ingredient is extracted from the common black pepper, and aids the digestive system in processing and absorbing some of the other ingredients found in the Leanbean fat burner. It also helps the body absorb proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from our diets
  • Acai Berry: While the fat-burning properties of this ingredient are not yet clear, it is known for having a detoxifying effect on the body, and is a natural ingredient with no side effects.
  • Green Coffee: This ingredient is made up of unprocessed, unroasted coffee beans. While they might not make for a great cup of coffee, they have a rich nutrient content compared to processed coffee. They also contain chlorogenic acid, which helps to moderate the metabolism and provide energy for exercise
  • Turmeric: This ingredient is a common yellow spice that can be found in many Indian curry dishes. It is an active fat burner, helps to boost the metabolism and suppresses appetite. 
  • Zinc: This is an essential mineral that works differently in women compared to men. In women, it is used by the digestive system to digest macronutrients faster and more effectively. 
  • Chlorides: Found in energy drinks, this ingredient is an electrolyte that also helps to boost energy, keeping women hydrated and energetic during workout sessions. It can supply you with instant energy to help balance the effects of a calorie deficit. 
  • Chromium Picolinate: This ingredient serves two main functions, including regulating the blood sugar post metabolism and aiding in the fast metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates and protein. 
  • Choline: This ingredient assists in the breakdown of fat cells and transfers the energy that is released to the cells that need it the most. 
  • Glucomannan/Konjac Fiber: This is a type of fiber derived from the roots of the konjac plan. It is a natural appetite suppressant that produces a sense of feeling full for longer.
  •  Vitamins B6 and B12: Both of these B vitamins are essential nutrients for speeding up the metabolism and ensuring a healthy metabolic rate in women. 
  • Raspberry Ketones: These are a part of almost every ketogenic supplement available. They act as one of the main ingredients for burning fat and producing energy, along with adding a sweet and fruity smell to the supplement. 

Benefits of Leanbean:

The manufacturers claim that Leanbean users should be able to notice a decrease in hunger along with an increase in energy when taking this supplement, along with experiencing less fatigue. Here’s how the product delivers when it comes to the various benefits expected. 

Appetite Suppressant:

Most women who have reviewed Leanbean agree that they do feel less hungry compared to in the past. Leanbean makes it possible for women to consume less calories without feeling as hungry as they did before. This is perhaps the most important effect of the fat burner on women, making it possible to lose weight quickly. 

Energy Booster:

To lose weight, most of us will need to do some exercise. This can often be difficult when in a calorie deficit, which can affect your energy levels negatively. Fortunately, the combination of ingredients such as raspberry ketones, chloride, choline and chlorogenic acid in this supplement work well for boosting energy levels. Most women who have reviewed this supplement report feeling more alert and energetic throughout the day. 

Reduced Fatigue:

Leanbean has been noted to provide a consistent supply of energy to the user throughout the day, which never allows for the usual fatigue and tiredness that we usually feel from cutting calories to creep in. This makes it a very effective fat burning supplement for women who are juggling jobs and families with their weight loss goals. 

Possible Side Effects:

Leanbean is a fat burner that has been specifically created for women, with a lot of care that has gone into ensuring that the formula does not go over the safety limits with each ingredient. The ingredients are all natural, and are combined in proportions that allows women to take advantage of each ingredient to the fullest extent without experiencing adverse side effects. However, it’s important to be aware of any food allergies that you might have and always check the list of ingredients to see if you are allergic to any of them before you begin taking this supplement.

Where to Buy Leanbean:

Due to the popularity of this supplement, you can find it available to buy on most online and offline health, fitness and sports retailers. You may even find it for sale at online retail giants such as Amazon; however, it’s important to ensure that you are getting a genuine product. It’s never a good idea to take the risk of purchasing fake supplements since they are not only a waste of money, but could also be a risk to your health and wellbeing. The best place to buy is at the official Leanbean website, where you can take advantage of bulk purchase discounts and their 90-day money-back guarantee. 

How to Get Maximum Results with Leanbean:

Although Leanbean is a safe and effective fat burner made with natural ingredients, a healthy diet and active lifestyle is important for maximizing your results and meeting your weight loss goals. 

HIIT Exercise:

High intensity interval training is more effective for fat burning compared to regular cardio exercise. Combine HIIT with weight training to see better results in general and when using Leanbean. 

Take Breaks:

The human body is designed to evolve and overcome obstacles, and as a result we can slowly build a resistance to pretty much anything. Prevent this from happening with Leanbean by taking a break of around one to two weeks after taking it for twelve weeks consecutively. 

Avoid Stacking It with Similar Products:

Check the ingredient lists on any other supplements that you are taking to ensure that you are not wasting your money and risking side effects by stacking Leanbean with other supplements that have similar ingredients. 

Find a Routine That Works for You:

While the manufacturers suggest taking two pills at breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s ultimately down to you to decide which routine works best for you. Since all bodies are different, you might find that a different routine tends to have better effects for you, so it’s worth experimenting. However, do not go over the limit of 6-8 pills per day. Some women find that taking three pills at a time during two meal times earlier in the day helps them avoid night time overstimulation. 


Leanbean is a supplement that has been proven to help women lose weight without any major side effects, especially when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Sleeping well, sticking to a good workout routine, and eating healthy is important to see the best results from this fat burner. Leanbean, unsurprisingly, really does work well when used correctly since it is made from all-natural ingredients that are designed to reduce hunger, burn fat, and provide energy. 

User Reviews:


Leanbean was suggested by Tyah’s boyfriend, and she ordered the supplement after conducting her own extensive research. After being surprised to find almost no negative reviews on the supplement online, she decided to try them out. After just four weeks using Leanbean, Tyah noticed that she had broken through her previous plateau and had lost multiple pounds relatively easily. 


After reading good reviews online, Margarita used Leanbean for one month, in which time she was able to successfully shed multiple pounds of baby fat. She managed to drop a full dress size in just one month of using Leanbean, going from a size 16 to a size 14. 


Annette found Leanbean to be the best-reviewed and most popular option while researching fat burners. After three months of using the supplement, Annette reported a three-inch loss from her waist along with several health benefits including feeling much more rested after each night of sleep. 


Can I Find Leanbean on GNC?

Yes, you can buy Leanbean from GNC and Amazon, but bear in mind that there is a likelihood that you might find fake products, and it will not come with the 90-day guarantee. 

Is It FDA Approved?

All Leanbean pills are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and meet FDA quality standards. 

How Long Will It Take for Leanbean to Work?

Some effects such as appetite suppression and energy boosting can be felt immediately. You will usually find that it takes around 90 days for the effects to lead to noticeable weight loss. This can be sped up with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

When is the Ideal Time to Take Leanbean?

Manufacturers suggest taking two pills per serving, three to four times each day at least half an hour before a main meal. 

Can It Be Taken without Food?

The idea is to take the pills on an empty stomach; however, it’s important to eat a meal at least half an hour to one hour after taking the dose. 

Does it Contain Caffeine?

Yes, due to green coffee being one of the active ingredients. However, the amount of caffeine is kept minimal so is unlikely to cause side effects such as jitteriness or insomnia.

Does it Contain Gluten?

Leanbean is completely gluten-free, making it suitable for women with a gluten intolerance. 

It is Vegan?

All ingredients are plant-based and Leanbean is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Can Leanbean Provide Energy During a Calorie Deficit Period?

Yes, the combination of several ingredients in this fat burner means that it provides a steady source of energy and will keep you active even when cutting down your calorie intake to lose weight. 

Is it Worth the Price?

The tests that we conducted alongside the positive user reviews suggest that Leanbean is definitely worth the price that you pay for it. Considering the natural ingredients and the important role that each of them play in fat loss, Leanbean is a must-buy for women who want something that’s going to be effective and safe to use. However, before you get started, be sure to check for possible food allergies by going through the ingredients list, and avoid buying fakes by only buying from the official website.

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