What is Instant Knowckout?

Instant Knockout is produced by Roar Ambition, who has stated on several occasions that they aim to produce highly effective fat burners that only contain natural ingredients. They also say that all their products including Instant Knockout  contain ingredients that have been extensively studied and shown to help those who use them build muscles, reduce body fat, and lose some pounds. 

Instant Knockout is meant to be used by athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone else who would like to either lose some weight or gain muscles. Instant Knockout is backed by current and former MMA fighters as well as their coaches.

How Instant Knockout could be beneficial

Roar Ambition has made a lot of claims about Instant Knockout . Some of the benefits they claim users will have after using Instant Knockout include:

  • Fat and weight loss - Instant knockout includes ingredients that help your body burn fat faster and that therefore help with weight loss. Its ingredients also control the different processes that lead to fat deposits and storage in the body.
  • Higher energy levels - The fat-burning process in the body produces energy that different body parts can use as fuel. In addition to physical strength, the product has also been shown to help increase mental energy and improve focus. These higher energy leve

  P R O S 

  • Instant Knockout has a high caffeine content that is mainly due to the addition of green tree extract. This caffeine increases thermogenesis to aid with weight loss and has mental performance benefits by itself
  • Instant Knockout contains zinc, which is important for men’s reproductive health and is involved in testosterone production. Higher testosterone levels are conducive to fat-burning muscle growth.
  • Those looking to lose weight will benefit from the appetite-suppressing effects of glucomannan
  • The inclusion of cayenne pepper improves Instant Knockout’s ability to help increase metabolism levels, thereby increasing caloric utilization and weight loss

  C O N S

  • Some might have a hard time remembering to take the pills 4 times a day

Instant Knockout Side Effects

Instant Knockout only contains natural ingredients and so its users do not experience common side effects of using fat burners such as stomach upsets. There are specific circumstances under which users may experience some side effects, such as when they consume coffee when taking this fat burner. If you are allergic or sensitive to some ingredients included in Instant Knockout, you may want to try a different fat burner.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous has been studied extensively as a thermogenic ingredient. Its thermogenic properties allow it to increase metabolic rates, which is essential for both fat burning and weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

One of the main benefits of taking green tree extract is its antioxidant properties and benefits. It also contains some caffeine and helps with body fat oxidation.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

This ingredient is interesting because it has thermogenic properties and has also been shown to affect insulin sensitivity. A boost in insulin sensitivity means that cayenne pepper affects the way the body stores fat, meaning that it plays a role in helping you lose stubborn body fat.


Zinc plays several important roles in the body; it can help improve your immune system, helps stabilize your metabolism and plays a critical role in testosterone production. Users taking supplements that contain zinc saw positive increases in testosterone levels using tests taken before and after using the supplement(s).

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans retail all the nutrition lost when coffee is roasted. Studies have shown that this ingredient helps in the fat-burning process and can help improve your cardiac health. Green coffee beans also contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid, which is a great antioxidant.


Glucomannan extract is sourced from the root of the konjac plant. It is included due to its ability to suppress your appetite which leads to users eating a lot less food. This is because it contains dietary fiber that makes you feel fuller so you can increase the time between meals.


This is a mineral that is included in some supplements. In Instant Knockout, it is included as picolinate, a form that helps improve the action of insulin thereby increasing glucose breakdown and reducing the amount of glucose turned into fat for storage.

Chromium is also a potent appetite suppressant that reduces hunger pangs and therefore reduces snacking as well as the overall amount of food consumed.


Piperine is included in Instant Knockout as it helps improve the absorption of nutrients, including those not included in this product. It is derived from black pepper and can increase the bioavailability of several nutrients and compounds.

Vitamin B6

Extensive studies have been carried to find out the benefits of vitamin consumption, and the main benefit of consuming vitamin B6 is that it helps in cell repair and reproduction. Both of these are very important for those who work out and need cell repair as part of their recovery. One thing to keep in mind is that vitamin B6 can produce nasty effects if you take too much of it.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has been shown to play a role in red blood cell health. It also increases metabolism and plays a role in fat oxidation.

Taking Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout should be taken four times a day, with users advised to split their intake period equally through their active day. This way, the effects of the supplement are spread throughout the day. 

To make things easier, it would be better to set an alert on your phone or to take a capsule with each meal. Also, because the product contains caffeine, it would be better to avoid consuming it too close to bedtime.

Can Women Use Instant Knockout?

While many women might prioritize weight loss, many men prioritize muscle gain. Fortunately, Instant Knockout is a fat burning product that is not meant for building muscles. This means that women can use it for fat burning and energy boosts without worrying about bulking or bulging.

One thing women who want to use Instant Knockout should know is that its caffeine volume is quite high and so they should try 2-3 capsules a day instead of the recommended four.

Where to Buy Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a relatively popular product and so there are a lot of counterfeit Instant Knockout products in the market. To be safe, the best place to buy the product is its official website. This helps you have peace of mind in knowing you purchased a genuine product and avoided all the potential negative effects of using a counterfeit product.

Also, purchasing through the official website is the only way to guarantee that you are covered by the money-back guarantee.  You can always return the product within 90 days if you do not like it for any reason. You can also save some money by buying in bulk from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Instant Knockout Be Taken With a Meal?

Yes. Ideally, the product should be taken with a meal to avoid issues such as an upset stomach. Taking Instant Knockout with a meal also helps increase its effectiveness.

Is Instant Knockout Thermogenic?

Instant Knockout is thermogenic. This means it raises your body temperature by increasing your metabolic rate which is important for losing weight.

Some thermogenic ingredients in Instant Knockout include cayenne pepper, green tea extracts, and extracts of green coffee beans.

How Do I Use Instant Knockout?

You should take one capsule four times a day. You can also adjust your intake as needed.

Does Instant Knockout Work?

There is so much evidence and so many positive customer reviews that show the amazing results you can get by using Instant Knockout. So yes, Instant Knockout works wonderfully.

Can Instant Knockout Be Stacked?

Yes, there are a few supplements you can add to a stack that contains Instant Knockout. Because Instant Knockout contains caffeine, ensure that the other products in the stack have low caffeine content.

How Long Until I See Results?

Because all our bodies are vastly different, the real answer is that it depends. Some users see fantastic results within a few weeks of using Instant Knockout while others have to wait about a month or two. It is always best to use the product for a month or two before deciding where it does or does not work for you.

Is Instant Knockout Approved by The FDA?

Although Instant Knockout is not approved by the FDA, it is still approved by the FDA to ensure that it is not adulterated and that it contains the ingredients it says it does.

Is Instant Knockout Worth It?

After looking through vast amounts of evidence, investigating the ingredients list, and talking to Instant Knockout  users, we can say that this supplement is worth the investment. A lot of people say they saw the results they wanted within a few weeks. For massive savings, Roar Ambition gives you a free bottle for every three bottles you buy. You also get free shipping wherever you may be in the world with every purchase.

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